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Just a few Hints 'n Tips that you may find helpful :)

** Doll Body Parts: When making doll body parts stitch, clip curves, turn right sides out then spritz the seams with a spray bottle of water before stuffing. This makes it a bit easier to stretch the seams just a bit and your stuffed seams will be much smoother without lumps and bumps.

** Doll faces: If you don't have a light box for tracing the facial features try taping your pattern pages to a window during the day. Hold your tea dyed muslin face over the pattern page, the daylight will shine through and you'll be able to trace onto your tea dyed muslin very easily.

** Stuffing Tool: Use a stuffing tool to get tiny pieces of stuffing into all areas of your doll body parts. Stuffing with a stuffing fork or tool will enable to get a fully stuffed doll. Your doll necks will be sturdy without any added sticks in the neck. And your dolls will be able to sit without the help of poly pellets as well. Just a firmly stuffed doll or animal.

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